I’m in somewhat of a unique position to offer my advice and experiences. I’m a full-fledged cougar who also happens to be a lesbian. This hasn’t always been easy to deal with. Not only do I need to seek out other lesbians, but they need to be much younger than me. It was a massive strain on my sex life before I found this site. There are so many young people looking for cougars here that not getting laid is next to impossible. That’s why I figured I would share my experience with younger women. I know there have to be plenty of cougars like myself out there. This is how I make sure they always have a good time and come back for more.

Let them explore your body

The first thing to keep in mind is that they love older women. You’re their fetish. They never would have bothered to talk to you in the first place if that weren’t the case. They love the way you look and they love the way you feel. They want to touch every single inch of your body. They want to kiss you all over. You have to let them. It’s why you got together. Sure, you’re going to want to touch them just as much. Their tight, young bodies are practically begging for it. Just remember that youth has no patience. Let her get it out of her system first. You’ll get plenty of time to play with her afterward.

Let them pleasure you

You’re an older woman. You’ve had tons more experience than your cub. You need to realize that they’re going to take it as a point of pride to get you off. If they can say that they were good enough to make you cum, they’ll be in heaven. Just let it all happen. Spread your legs and let her go to town on it. Relax and lie back until she makes you cum all over her pretty little face.

Bring your A game

Then it’s going to be your turn. Don’t just phone it in. Give her everything you’ve got. Show her all of the experience that you’ve been collecting for your entire life from https://cougarsex.org . Make it sensual. Use your entire body to make hers glow with pleasure. That’s what’s really going to keep her coming back. Be the cougar she needs in her life.

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