Do you know what today is? Today is the day that you get locked up for 30 days of chastity with Crystal Clark. Because for 30 days, I don’t want you stroking your dick. No pleasure for you at all; it’s not something I’m going to tolerate from someone like you.

Crystal Clark dominates you with chastity toy and pig mask

I don’t want you touching your dick, and I certainly don’t even want you thinking of anything that has anything to do with sexuality. You are to be completely abstinent for a full month and there will be no room to negotiate or plead for leniency – this is non-negotiable.

Yes, I’m serious about this; do not take it lightly. You will be locked up in chastity for thirty days and nowhere to go because you’re just a little bitch that I’m going to humiliate because you’re not allowed to come whenever you please anymore.

You’re not even allowed to get a hard on with your cock, which was something so enjoyable before but now must be put aside as punishment for your past misdoings. All you’re allowed to do is be locked up in chastity for those 30 fucking days and hope that somehow, someway you’ll make it through without further repercussions.

I think people hear you walking too since this chastity device jingles a lot when it moves around on your hips. So much so it’s almost like a bell letting everyone know there’s some poor guy walking around with his cock and balls under lock and key.

I can’t wait to take you to the gym and make sure everyone knows about the pathetic state you’re in. Who knows how revealing those gym shorts can be when we start breaking a sweat! Again, everyone around us will surely notice the cage holding my partner’s most sensitive parts captive from any sort of naughty self-indulgence. And you know what else? They’ll catch a glimpse of just how small it really is compared to everything else around them in the gym locker room! You’ll be humiliated by your pathetic tiny little penis!

And every single girl at the gym is going to lose her shit when she hears this little jingle coming from my partner’s chastity belt each time you move wrong or try something daring on the treadmill or weight machines. They’ll all know that you’re nothing more than a stuffy little bitch locked in chastity who isn’t allowed to come unless he asks permission first – oh how everyone else will laugh at you and your poor luck!

But that’s not all! Look at this little piggy mask because you’ve been such a pig lately jerking that nasty cock of yours and getting yourself locked up in chastity because of it! Put the mask on and accept your fate! You’ll forever be slave to pornstar Crystal Clark, submitting to your mistress and your chastity punishment! Dream no more, you can be Crystal Clark’s little bitch at Domination 4K right now! As a member of Domination 4K, you’ll be owned and dominated in so many ways, you’ll never dream of escape!

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