Building site Degradation – Humiliation Challenge for Little Miss Chaos

Loose plasterboards as background
Paint buckets, tools and stuff for decoration
the ladder is needed up against a solid wall

Little Miss Chaos -> jeans / shorts / open shirt / trainers (trashy construction worker thing)
Magick -> workers uniform or as close as it gets

Hammering contest -> Magick vs Little Miss Chaos
The bar game – who gets their nail in first can do the “full SM session we talked about” to the other (please try and let Magick win 🙂 )

Jeans down – spanking, whipping, leather strap

Stripped naked
Nipple pulling / squeezing etc

Give her heavy bricks or lumps of wood too hold out in stretched arms (like in the Emma one with weights) – and punish her when dropping them off

Hanging weights (tools) of her nipples

Carrying weights on her pussy lips -> tools hanging off, taking steps up the ladder – doing situps with the weights
Insex clamps might look good – or the other rougher clamps

Smearing the lunch in her face

The Humiliation Challenge for Little Miss Chaos was taken up by the blonde submissive – and as predicted by the sadistic reader creating the challenge, she lost the contest and had to endure a prolonged session of excercised degradation, extreme pain and merciless humiliation. She didnt manage without screams and tears – but she took the challenge and fullfilled it!