The crazy Crystel-Lei volunteered herself for a movie which went beyond the horror of classic Shadowslaves movies such as “Dirt” and “Phobia”, and was largely written by our members themselves.

The blonde slave to hell and back in the movie exploring just how far into revulsion you can push a slaveslut before she breaks. The daring painslut endures abasement beyond any belief using vegetable insertions, heaps of trash and spankings using old leather straps

1. Used As An Ashtray & Covered The Dirt

2. Rough Humiliation – Face Pushed Into Garbage

3. Rotten Vegetable Insertion and Filthy Pussy Pain

4. Eating Foul Rotting Garbage

5. Naked Whipping Covered In Dirt

6. Pissing In A Bucket and Drinking Her Own Pee

Intense rubbish model degradation and bizarre veggie insertions of Crystel Lei. She was given the challenge by spiteful Shadow Slaves members – and she took it and carried it through, despite the extreme humiliation and pain she had to endure.