A challenge to delicious amateur slave slut Cara
She asked to be challenged – and one of our readers sent this script for a humiliation session – does she dare to accept?

We will post the photograhs if the slave girl accepts!

Abjection & Whipping
examining her body – twist her nipples
do the “aah” doctor thing etc
Make her undress in front of you
make her look up – one hand under the chin, slap her face – calm, harsh, intimate

Give her heavy bricks or lumps of wood too hold out in stretched arms – and punish her by spanking when dropping them off/when she can no longer hold them straight
Verbal abuse for dropping them – licking filthy boots
Spank her whilst licking

Fuck her mouth heavy with a long dildo – deepthroat/make her gag
Smoke in her face, put a cigarette up her nostril, close the other one and make her breathe in. Fuck her mouth again with a long dildo – deepthroat/make her gag – hold/close her nose for short periods whilst fucking it

Spit in her face

Make her clean up her face
Quickly redo-makeup in front of a mirror
Hurry her with a riding crop on the rearend
On her knees arms buns head – on the floor

Pull her hair – Press her nose upwards harsh – keep her in the uncomfortable position – let go of the nose and slap her face. Flip her nose open – pull the nostrils, squeeze and twist
Nosehook – pulling her nose back – nosehook either pulled hard by hand or confined above her/to a choker round her neck

Keep the nosehook in, cover her face in clamps – eyebrows, tounge, mouth, ears etc

Keep clamps and nosehook on. Write degrading remarks on her jugs, just above her pink and forehead (lady, brainless, cunt, whore etc)

Make her lick boots whilst nosehooked and pegged, spank her buns fierce
On all 4 – fuck her with vegetables

Make her pee in a bucket – give her a glass of it to drink – pour the rest over her face