Klismaphilia (sometimes spelled Klysmaphilia) is the insane kink evolving around enemas (whereby liquids are introduced into the rectum and colon via the anus). A person with a klismaphiliac fetish experiences great sexual satisfaction by fantasizing about enemas of various kinds and/or by recieving an enema. The klysmaphiliac fetishists gain arousal and sexual satisfaction by a variety of practices evolving round enemas and the scenes set for receiving, giving or watching an enema carried out.

Forms of klysmaphilia fetishists arousal:

  1. Arousal from the eliminatory process of the rectum through the anus.
  2. Enema Humiliation – being turned on by giving or receiving an enema as a punishment or part of humiliation / degradation
  3. Spanking and enemas – a subculture of spanking fetishists enjoy following corporal punishments by an enema.
  4. Enemas as preparation for anal sex or before strapon penetration

enema humiliation
Both men and women are known to be klismaphilia fetishists and generally both sexes enjoy both roles in giving and recieving enemas – though there is seemingly a majority of men who become sexually excited and get erections when administered enemas as youths, although women are also involved in the Klismaphilie fetish and display this kinky sexual behavior.

enema humiliation

The paraphilia may be used as a substitute for hardcore genital intercourse, as part of an enema humiliation or as preparation for some form of medical fetish or strapon sex, again with men and women equally on the receiving and giving end of the enemas.