A new sadistic humiliation challenge for Emily Sharpe. She has previously shown herself capable of enduring the foul humiliation of drinking her own pee, being covered in dirt, having filthy vegetables stuck up her nose and into her pussy and many other suitably degrading punishments…but will she cope with gagging on a constant flow of her own pee hitting her funnel ? Only time will tell !

drinking pee drinking pee

Humiliation Challenge For Emily Sharpe
Emily with a peg on her nose – nostrils closed tight.
Long tube stuck in mouth
Up to funnel
And pee poured in – hitting the funnel – gagging on pee
Medical gag in mouth – forcing it open
One of the big metal dental gags would do the job
Forced to drink lots of water – So needing to pee constantly
And thus that’s regularly thrown into funnel
A very nice humiliation machine there
Water pumped up the bum
And squeezed out into funnel
Need to have had a thorough enema first

nose clamp bdsm gagging on dildo

When we get bored with seeing her cope with that
Stick the tube up your nose and let the pee come the other way
Keeping the medical gag in to use a long dildo down your throat
The pee burns like hell going through the nose – whilst she gags on the dildo deepthroating her

The pictures are obviously from previously humiliation and pain sessions for Emily Sharpe at The Pain Files – as this challenge has yet to be accepted, completed and expiosed to the world in all its simple yet gruesome charm. Lets hope the kinky babe accepts and lets all enjoy her suffering and humiliation