Gone Fishing is a pretty extreme torture fantasy and humiliation challenge supplied by one of our most cuntishly sluttish yet sadistic readers ~Holes of Tortured Sluts. This wonderfully spiteful woman has designed a new and entirely unique torture device with the sole purpose of publicly humiliating and torturing the clitoris of some poor female soul.

Gone Fishing

There’s nothing quite like hitting the lake for a nice peaceful day of fishing after a strenuous week of work. Perhaps looking forward to the tranquility of the water, warm sun and having dinner caught and prepared for you by some sweet little slave sluts might help. One deadline that could surely inspire the rest of the week’s tasks to roll by more pleasantly. Perhaps we could have a competition between two slave cunts, but the idea could surely work with one bitch attending to your needs as well. It’s really quite simple, her only task is to provide a meal of fresh fish for you. Surely she’s grateful enough to you to do this, Plus, if she’s like most cunts she’ll enjoy a nice relaxing day floating out on the water soaking up the sun.

To start out your going to need bait, given that she is serving you she should chose between whatever tackle you provide for her, be it live bait or a lure. Either way it will have to be one that doesn’t have to be reeled in because we are not using fishing poles. She will have a relaxing float out on the water sitting in a custom made fishing chair while she catches your dinner. The chair is well designed to float under pressure, and will display your slave sluts beautifully, though there is some rigging involved in it for you. She will be bound by you to the chair with her legs spread wide apart,surely a nice view for you when your resting on shore after casting her out onto the water to catch your diner. Your pretty pussy has many talents, as it is what she’s got to use to catch that fish for you. The fishing line will be attached by hook to her cunt lips, the other end of the line holding the bait. She best hope her choice of tackle works in good time, I recommend no sunscreen. I suppose if she’s insistent, you could treat her to writing on her naked skin with some. She can think about what message you may have written on her while she’s out there lazily sunbathing rather then antagonizing over what it’s going to be like when that fish latches onto the hook. You will have a rope tied to her chair so when your prized slut screams out in agony from her catch you can pull your slave and the fish back in to shore and release her from the chair so she can get on with her service to you.

Fishing Chair Clitoris Torture

After she’s pulled the fish in we of course need to get it off the line.  Depending on your satisfaction with her performance so far (And how much it pleases you to see her agony while the fish flops around tugging on her pierced cunt), you can choose to cut the fishing line , or get the hook from her cunt to release your dinner, then of course there’s always the option of watching her walk around dragging a fish attached to her cunt for a while. One thing about fishing hooks, they do have that awful barb on them. Perhaps she can be rewarded for a good catch by clipping the barb off the hook before removing it, of course, that’s if it was a good catch. I’m sure after all this your going to be pretty hungry and her only responsibility so far is to provide you with a nice meal.

Once the fish and your bitch is released your job is done. Your slave slut will clean and use the fish to prepare a nice fresh meal for you while you kick back and relax by the water. For her sake she’s hopefully already been rewarded with an easy release, if not her reward still and always is the pleasure she receives in pleasing and serving you.

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