Ebony fatpig Sophia was ordered by her master to go on a diet and loose 10kgs in a month. A bit of excercise and healthy food should do the trick for the overweight black slaveslut, but she just couldnt help herself and instead acted like a true fatpig and entirely failed her the weight loss challenge given by her master.

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To remind her of concepts such as obedience and help her grow a spine. Her master decided to teach the black piggy slaveslut a lesson about stuffing her face. Only this time, her face will be stuffed with other things than cakes and candy. The disgusting ebony fatty is facially tortured and humiliated, put on display and humiliated and commanded to have the evidence widely published. Forever, she will be able to see her own tortured face and humiliating drooling gob in agony posted on select places for the amusement of sadists who enjoy seeing an ebony bdsm fatpig taught a lesson in degradation and pain.

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But it doesnt end there for black slavegirl Sohpia. Her masters disappointment of her lowlife behaviour and lack of obedience has to be rectified. He has given her two weeks to show impressive improvement. Or she will be back. For much more severe punishment, public exposure of her bbw pig body and the cruelest kinds of humiliation, just as she deserves. Will she manage this time?

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So far, the ebony slaveslut has shown no improvements and her challenge spans over christmas. It is not looking hopefull for Sophia. But for the rest of us who enjoy seeing a fatpig suffer, there might well be entertaining days ahead.