There are some hell crazy bitches out there that will do anything for a bit of fun, and this english slave girl Wynter proved it by doing something most of us just wouldn’t attempt. She wanted to prove to her master that she was loyal and wouldn’t think of going to any other Dungoen, but she didn’t know how what until her master suggested she became a Human ash tray for him then and only then would her loyalty be proving. She wasn’t even hesitant about agreeing to his request, like a good little slave girl she said yes and asked him to do it right then and there. The first smoke that she chewed on hurt a little as it was pretty dam hot, but she managed to get it down her mouth ok.

Smoking Bitch Is Human Ash Tray

However, that was just the beginning her Master then told her he would take things a little further, and actually use her tongue to put his cigarette out on. This was going to hurt, and she knew it but she was proving her loyalty and she didn’t care about how much pain she was in for doing it. So she eagerly awaited him to put his smoke out on her tongue, she felt it sizzle as it hit her mouth the pain was intense, but she handled it well, come and see for yourself now and watch the full fetish movie click here.