I think the next time the Master asks Emma Louise to take the trash out she is going to do it. You see she has been a naughty girl of late not doing as she is told and just generally being a total bitch. Last night her master asked her to take the trash cans out and yet again she didn’t do it, and now three days later her master found them full of this vile rubbish and off course they had not been emptied. Emma tried to lie her way out of it but her Master knew this bitch was just lying, and now it was time for some hardcore punishment. He took Emma down to his Dungeon there he had a few cans of trash. He asked her to walk up to them and take the lids of them.

Vile Punishment For Emma Louise

If she refused to do so then the punishment would be worse than this, so she did it, she couldn’t stand the smell, but she was forced to stay where she was. The master then took the trash cans and emptied them out on the ground. Emma was then told to get the rotting food and other crap and cover her body in it. She was going to say no, but she seen how evil the Master was looking and she wasn’t going to disobey him again! Come and see this naughty slut feeding from this vile trash just click here.