Bizarre babe Emma is at it yet again, this poor slave girl was caught by her Master in the refrigerator eating food without asking first. She should of learn’t by now that when she needs something she has to ask first no matter what it is. Now her master is pissed at her and is going to force this bitch to do something that she might not like very much. She hears him go outside and pick something up then he goes straight to his dungeon and calls Emma in. He makes her confess to being a bad girl and tells her he has to punish her now.

Bizzare Humiliation Of Emma

She tries to get out of it but this dude is pissed big time and he isn’t listening to her. He tells her, since she likes to help herself to things well he has something that she might just love to eat. He pulls out a fucking dog bowl filled with what looks like dog food and other nasty crap. He tells her to eat it right fucking now and forces her to do this Bizarre fetish. Check out the full movie of this humiliation now click here now and check them out.