Emma is being such a good girl today. You see her master had always wanted a dog of his own, but since he is always too busy dominating girls and so forth he just didn’t have the time to get one. However, one of his favorite slave girls came up with an interesting offer for him, she told him that if he could help her out by giving her personal bdsm sessions with just herself and him well she wouldn’t mind being his nice little dog for him. He thought it was an awesome idea and was really happy she wanted to do it, but she said he would have to train her as well she has never been a dog before.

Hot Slave Girl Treated Like A Dog

The Master went out and got a leash for her and her very own dog bowl. He started giving her commands and even punishing her when she was being naughty. He never thought he would have a slave girl who was this dedicated to him, now all he needs to do is teach this naughty babe how to pee, check out how this bitch does with her intense dog training now just click here now and check this action out.