Emily was going on a hunger diet, this bitch had told her master that she wasn’t going to eat anything for a whole week. When he asked her why she told him she felt too fat, and she wanted to lose some weight, her Master tried to convince her that she was fucking sexy just the way she was but she wasn’t going to listen to him. Now, after three days without eating Emily was looking really pale and said she felt sick, yet again she was told to eat something, but again she refused. And well her Master has had enough of her crap, and he is going to get this bizarre babe to eat something right now, one way or the other.

Bizarre Babe Forced To Eat Dinner

So he cooks up Emily this really nice dinner and tells her to sit down and at least try to eat something, but she tries to run away, and that’s when he figures he needs to bound this babes hands and force her to eat her fucking dinner. He sits her ass down on the ground and picks up some food and tries to get her to eat it. However, the bitch just spits it back out, well that’s when he goes hardcore on this silly babe and rubs her face into the food. Come and check out this bdsm babe getting force fed now click here.