Crystel Lei had been begging her Master for some new and weird fetish for her to try out, he was keen for her to do something that she might not like just to teach her a little lesson. he knew of a few people who seemed to like being cover in trash and thought that sounds pretty fucking sweet plus it would be tons of fun. He called up Crystel and told her to come to his fetish dungeon and well get ready to get dirty he told her, she was thinking he was going to give her a nice BDSM session but well she couldn’t be more wrong as she is about to find out. Once she arrived and seen all the trash cans around she knew something was up so she asked her master what all the rubbish was for.

Submissive Bitch Crystel Covered In Trash

He said he found a new way to get rid of all his rubbish and she was going to help him, she looked a little confused but her Master soon set her straight. he told her to get naked and get on the ground and don’t bother asking any questions or saying no she was going to recivece his punishment if she liked it or not. She did as he commanded and after the first trash can was emptied on her she knew now what was going on, at first she didn’t like it but soon enough she actually found it fun even if it did smell as terrible as it did, see this check gettting trashed with rubbish now click here.