Here is another bitch that just can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble, Emma was caught exposing herself to the neighbours in her master’s backyard. Now normally he wouldn’t really care about this sort of fetish but well his neighbour is also into fetish sex, and he is scared his latest slave girl Emma will dump him and move next door. However, he has something to do to Emma that will ensure this fetish loving bitch won’t ever leave him no matter what happens. He tells Emma to come down to his dungeon as he wants to talk to her, but once she is down there the mood quickly changes and the master has Emma cowering on his dungeon’s floor.

Slave Girl Emma On Her Masters Dungeon Floor

This depraved man has bucket loads of trash, and he is forcing the not so innocent Emma to devour it all. Emma tries to run away, but he catches her and rams her pretty face into all the vile trash this poor girl is taking some seriously sick punishment. She is trying hard not to vomit everywhere but the smell of the rotting garbage is very strong, Come and see what else happens to this bdsm babe now click here.