UK slave girl Emma is one of those girls who just draws you in with her extreme fetish acts, today this fetish slave is doing something even the most Bizarre of girls isn’t willing to try but being the type of girl, she is this bitch can’t wait to get her lungs stuffed with fluids. Her master needs to gag her mouth first so she sits back and lets him do his thing, once her mouth is ready to go the master doesn’t waste anytime and gets a huge looking syringe filled with water and slips it into the opening on the mask, he just attached to her face. He doesn’t go easy on Emma making sure the syringe is totally emptied into her mouth. You can hear her trying not to gag as the water rushes down her lungs, it’s a sweet sound that you just have to hear again once you have heard it the first time.

Extreme Water Torture For English Slave Girl

The master forces her head into the tub of water he has. He really wants to put some fear into this UK slave girl as he knows the more scared she is the better fetish experience she is going to have. Now Emma is pretty much dripping in water but that doesn’t mean the Master is going to stop tormenting this brunette girl. He is only just getting started, and he knows Emma can take lots more punishment than this. Come and check out all the hot action and see this UK girl Humiliated now click here.