This chubby bitch was told by her Master to give up smoking like three weeks ago, and she still refuses to listen to him, and now it’s time he taught this bitch a lesson that she soon won’t forget. She gets tied up to an old sofa bed and gets left there the entire day while her Master figures out the punishment this girl will get. He figures since she likes smoking so much and doesn’t want to do as she is told then he will make her hate the sight of a smoke, and to do this, he will need to make sure he humiliates this big tits babe nice and hard.

Chubby bitch humiliated with a smoke

When she notices him walking in with a smoke she thinks for a second it’s actually for her, but sadly, no this smoke is all for the master, but he is planning on giving her some of it, but not in the way she is thinking. He takes a few draws of the smoke and blows it in her face. She looks at him with disgust while he rubs her pussy with his hand, he asks her if she needs to take a piss and when she says yes he places a glass in front of her and forces her to piss in it. And if that wasn’t humiliating enough he takes the smoke and puts it up nice and close to her exposed cunt, she can feel the heat from it and tries her best not to let him know it is hurting her. Next he gets her to open her mouth as he ashes his smoke on her fucking tongue. By the end of this fetish session, this bitch isn’t going to want to go anywhere near a smoke, and that’s just what he was hoping for, come and see more fetish action now click here.