We all have a bitch that we love to play with sometimes and for this master her name is Wynter, she is just the type of slut that is able to take even the most bizarre humiliation, and today she becomes a human fucking ashtray for all the wrong reasons. With her skinny little body Wynter becomes an object for the disturbed Master to take his frustrations out on. She noticed he was smoking a Cigarette when she went into his dungeon and at first she thought it was a little strange as he wasn’t a smoker but she figured it was nothing to worry about. She was just about to ask him why he was smoking for when he turns around and puts the smoke out right on this bitches’ tongue.

Bizarre Female Humiliation of Wynter

She started screaming but he wasn’t going to back down. He then went and got a fucking dog bowl and forced this skinny blonde’s mouth right into it. Then he sat back and watched this poor blonde babe make a total fool of herself while he laughed at her. Wynter might like being Humiliated, but I’m not sure she is going to want to do this again, come and check out the movies her master made of the action now just click here.