It seems that after a long break the very cunning Doctor Perve is back once again to torment and pleasure some lucky lady. Today that just happens to be Emily Sharpe, she walks into the Doctors room and he kindly helps her remove her gown, he takes a long look at her sweet body and then asks her to piss in a bowl, he doesn’t even walk away while she is doing it, this pervert just stands there and watches her. It sends a shiver up Emily’s spine but she does as she is told like the good little bitch she is.

Bizarre Injection For Emily Sharpe

He now tells her to got on the table and bend over, he has to humiliate this babe with an injection and well the size of the fucking needle looks massive, but Emily doesn’t realize this isn’t a needle at all, in fact it’s just a strange and rather large looking dildo. He puts it right up to her ass and then slides it down to her pussy, he then just rams the thing deep inside her and seems to enjoy it when Emily screams out in pain as it enters her vagina. Come and find out what else this Perverted Doctor does to Emily now just click here.