This cute amatuer girl is not only getting humiliated, but she is also getting some bizarre candle wax torture as well. Her sadistic torture loving Master has her bound to a chair with some ropes, he puts some clamps on this girls exposed nipples and sits back for a minute to watch her wither in pain. He then picks up the burning hot candle wax and walks over to of all things her face, he isn’t that twisted to drip hot candle wax in this girls face is he? well maybe not yet but he is going to humiliate this girls boobs with it.

amatuer girl humiliated with candle wax fetish

He tips the candle up and drips the wax down onto her exposed boobs, it drips all over her nipples and makes this bitch scream. Sadly for her this is just the start of his fetish torture, he picks up yet another candle and does the same to her boobs and stomach again. This poorn girl is taking some hot candle wax humiliation and from the looks of it she is actually enjoying it. Come and see loads more action with this fetish babe now just click here and see more.