Public humiliation can be one of the most vicious ways of degrading a female slaveslut. Throw her in the gutter. Let the world watch. Let her face up to the watching crowds as all dignity is removed. Historically humiliation in public has involved a wide variety of degrading methods of punishments. The traditional stocks in the middle of the town square is a classic of course, leaving the poor subject exposed to mob justice, ridicule, people spitting and occationally corporal punishment in front of entire towns.

public humiliation public humiliation

Public humiliations, public bondage and more painful punishments in front of cheering audiences has always gone hand in hand. In the more brutal cases being subjected to verbal and physical abuse from the crowd, which could have serious consequences especially when the hands are not free to protect himself. Some sentences actually prescribe additional degradation, such as shaving, or combine it with painful corporal punishments.

public whipping

In Colonial America, common forms of public dehumanizing of slaves were the stocks and pillory, imported from Europe, along with cruel public whipping and caning. Nearly every sizable town had such instruments of public dehumanized humiliations of offenders. Historic public humiliation displays can still be seen in the historic Virginia town of Colonial Williamsburg.

public caning in stocks

In pre-World War Japan, adulterers were publicly exposed purely to shame them, the japanese public humiliation were not as such directly painful, but often excessively spiteful and degrading as only asian sadist mobs can pull it off. Other places such as Indonesia have practiced more extreme forms of judicial caning in public, public torture and the like, they might still do in fact. In recent times, judicial use of public dishonour punishment has largely been disbanded since the practice is now considered inexorable and unusual punishment, cruel and sadistic seems fine to us but apparently the lawmakers feel differently, which means that public humiliation as a legal form of punishment is now banned in the United States Constitution.

public caning in stocks

The ban isnt particularly well defined though, so certain judges do use shaming and public display of deserving criminal minds as a cause of punishment, whereby an individual may have to parade in public with a sign explaining their behavior and misdeed. Just like torturesome forms of public corporal punishment, it has parallels in educational and other rather private punishments (but with some audience), in school or domestic disciplinary context, and as a rite of passage. Physical forms include being compelled to wear some sign such as donkey ears (simulated in paper, as a sign one is–or at least behaved–proverbially stupid), wearing a Dunce cap, having to stand, kneel or bend over in a corner, or repeatedly write something on a blackboard. Here too physical discomfort or even anguish can be added, such as having to hold heavy objects or kneeling on an uneven surface. Like physical punishment and unmerciful hazing, these have become controversial in most modern societies, in many cases leading to legal restrictions and/or (sometimes voluntary) abolishment.

public asian bondage

These days, corporal punishments in public are still used in some places and within the BDSM community there is a sub fetisch for humiliating slaves in public by leaving them in visible public bondage and on display in public places. Degrading them by dragging them through town on a leash or in visible pain…and many other wonderful types of public disgrace of female slavesluts and deserving doormats.