Emily Sharpe has always boasted to her master that she would do anything for him, that no matter what it was she would be only to happy to do it for him. Well now the time has come to test this bitch out as her master has some very unusual humiliation for her today. He was busting for a piss and came up with a pretty sweet idea for some sick fetish for this babe, he decided to pee in a bowl and get this cute babe to drink it. Now there was also more to this bizarre request then that, he was also going to whip this girl while he was forcing her to do it.

Bizarre pee fetish for emily sharpe

Emily sits there in her fish net stockings and once her master explains what he wants her to do, you can see the look on her face change but she has no choice in the matter now she has to do it either way. He gives her a sweet whipping session with some awesome bondage as well, and then he brings over the bowl full of his own piss and sits there and watches this fetish babe drink it. Now, Emily gets totally humiliated with this extreme punishment, come and watch the full movie of her in action now click here.