Mr Barnet has been in hospital for a few weeks now and he is really looking forward to getting out, he just can’t stand his nurse, she is really sexy but she is always so direct with him and he gets the feeling she really doesn’t like him. But last night he had the most strangest drea, he was laying in bed as usual when the nurse came in to do her rounds, she asked him ti sit up in bed and when he did she took his hands and placed them over her large boobs and told him she wanted to be humiliated. The dream was taking a turn for the better, he decided to just go for it, and if it wasn’t a dream he was going to have some fun anyway.

Sexy Hospital Fun For Mr Barnet

Next she leans over the bed and tells him to take control and tell her she has been a naughty girl, he does just this and starts spanking that hot looking ass of hers she is really into it now and so is he. He gets into bed and this sexy nurse lays down on his legs for some more hot fucking action, he punishes her some more and he just can’t get over how vivid this dream is, but I can tell you right now he isn’t dreaming at all this is actually happening right now, come and check out the full movie.