Now it doesn’t get much more bizarre then this fetish action, take a look at this leather clad mistress as she totally humiliates this fetish slave. She is giving her what could be the most serious looking needle fetish I have ever seen before, she ties her up to the device then puts her gloves on and then tells this babe the humiliation is about to begin. She starts on her back first taking a few needles out and inserting them right into her exposed skin, this has to be causing this short haired babe some pain but you wouldn’t know it as she seems to be liking it more and more.

Needle Corsett for Hot Fetish Girl

Putting a few more needles in this fetish mistress gets a very naughty though, she is going to make a corsett using only her needles and some black string. This is pretty fucking sweet and I’m sure this babe is going to totally love it even if she is getting humiliated while doing it. For loads more bizarre fetish action come and check out the rest of these photos and loads more just click here.