New Humiliation Challenge For Cara … a sadistic reader has sent a new sexual torture and humiliation challenge to Cara … she is still pondering whether she dares to accept this session of extreme humiliation, torture and degradation – but we are hopefull the cheeky slut pulls herself together and accepts – and all you female humiliation fans will be the first to see the results (pics from a previous challenge for Cara)

female humiliation female humiliation

Crawling in
riding cropped on her ass

Standing – arms above
Tit whipping
Candle waxed tits
Candle in mouth – dripping down her
Riding crop her tits / hard strokes till the wax comes off
Arms spread out (holding them high herself) – pegs on the underarms, armpits, all the way across – then whipping then all off

female humiliation facial humiliation

on her back – spread out – tied/restrained to a table for extreme torture
Pegs all the way up the inner legs, the thin skin – across the pussy
Keep all the pegs on – peg on clitoris – metal clover clamps on pussy lips -> weights on the chain / hanging over the edge of the table
Use a vibrator round the clitoris peg

Keep all the pegs/clamps in place – whip the soles of her feet hard
Use the riding crop to whip off the pegs – short hard stroke to whip off each one, the clitoris one last – finally remove the metal clamps, rub her pussy lips and clit
Whip/riding crop her pussy
Write ‘titless whore’ under her boobs and zap them with the flyswat, zap each nipple repeatedly

facial humiliation facial humiliation

Completely cover her tits in hotwax, dark candle/just a few centimetres above them – slowly moving around the tits, stopping over the nipples, slow, carefull – till theyre covered entirely.
Move up – wax her face, cover her eyes…wax the rest, mouth, cheeks, nose (stick tongue out – wax it…turn the head side to side and wax)
Rougly peel of the face wax

Fuck her mouth heavy with a long dildo – deepthroat/make her gag
Smoke in her face, put a cigarette up her nostril, close the other one and make her breathe in. Fuck her mouth again with a long dildo – deepthroat/make her gag – hold/close her nose for short periods whilst fucking it
Pull her hair – Press her nose upwards harsh – keep her in the uncomfortable position – let go of the nose and slap her face. Flip her nose open – pull the nostrils, squeeze and twist
Nosehook – pulling her nose back – nosehook either pulled hard by hand or confined above her/to a choker round her neck

facial humiliation facial humiliation

Keep the nosehook in, cover her face in clamps – eyebrows, tounge, mouth, ears etc

Make her lick boots whilst nosehooked and pegged, whip her pussy
fuck her with vegetables whilst whipping her waxed tits

Is Cara gonna accept the humiliation challenge? We will soon know ! Until then you can see her latest full videos of extreme sexual humiliation and torture